Product Review: Tru Glo HyperStrike

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Product Review: Tru Glo HyperStrike

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TruGlo HyperStrike Review

Spending some time with the TruGlo Hyperstrike bow sight has given me appreciation for the finish, design and functionality of this economical bowsight.  Aside from the great price point, this feature-rich sight offers plenty of other aspects to appreciate such as 2nd and 3rd axis leveling, multiple site radius mounting positions, micro adjust and a three stage sight light. Let’s break it down:


The site is constructed from a lightweight carbon-aluminum composite, making it both light weight and durable.  This site is rugged enough to take a beating while light enough so as to not affect the balance of your bow as much as some other sights in its class.  A bowhunter who prefers accessories that don’t add significant amounts of mass weight will appreciate the design and construction of this sight. The sight bracket is coated, so it creates less noise if it comes into contact with other metal accessories.



One of the best features on this site is the decreasing diameter pins.  The last 2 pins are .010 diameter fiber optic. This is especially helpful for those long distance shots when larger diameter pins can block too much of the target to allow for pin-point accuracy.  

3 Stage Sight Light-

The 3 stage sight light is a nice added feature.  Often sight lights make pins too bright and create a halo effect around the fiber optic.  This adjustable sight light avoids these problems and provides the shooter with more options to match the shooting conditions he or she is in.  The sight is marked for all three stages, it is easy to use and conveniently located. Of course the negative of a sight light is that in some states it may need to be removed and hunters should be aware of the regulations for the area in which they are hunting.

Micro Adjust Windage and Elevation-

Micro adjustability is one of the most important features on a bow sight.  Fine tuning is made so much easier when a sight has this feature and the Hyperstrike has wingnut style knobs to allow for quick adjustments at the range without the use of an allen wrench.  These can be tightened down with a wrench after sighting in to make the sight rock-solid. The micro adjust dials have a great, quality feel and the hashmarks on the windage dovetail bracket make precision simple.  These same marks would be helpful on the elevation adjustment, which is not marked, but the pin channels are marked in this way to aid in minute adjustments.

Maxamount Bracket-

The three position Maxamount bracket allows for three sight diameter options.  The sight housing is generous at 1.9” and is highlighted by a glow in the dark 

shooters ring for consistency in low light situations.  Matching the sight housing with a large aperture peep sight is no problem and is another reason why this site is a great option for the bowhunter.  The site level is positioned inside of the housing, allowing for easier peripheral monitoring. The Hyperstrike comes with the Sight Line option, which helps archers to see any small imperfections in form that is leading to torquing their bow.


The 5 Pin Hyperstrike in black comes with a suggested retail price of $121.00.  The Hyperstrike with sight line option retails at $148.00. Considering the amount of features packed into this sight, the price is certainly fair.  


The TruGlo Hyperstrike is a great sight that outperformed both my expectations and its price tag.  It offers many features which more expensive sights fail to include. It is designed with bowhunters in mind and leaves little on the table in terms of performance.  It proves to be a great choice for beginning and experienced hunters, alike, and should be on the short-list of any archer looking for a quality, durable, lightweight, multi-pin bowsight.