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Safe Treestand Set-Ups

               Safety is more often discussed in hunting circles now than it has ever been in any time in the history of hunting.  As land, especially in the eastern half of the United States, is sub-divided more and more hunters are getting away from the deer drives of the past and employing the use of

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Choosing the Right Release

A beginner’s guide to release styles.             When it comes to choosing archery equipment, the options seem nearly endless and paralysis by analysis can certainly become a real thing.  Enter any online forum and ask for advice and you’re bound to be inundated with a lot of opinions, and most of them, well-meaning.  Having such

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3 OnX Maps Features You Shouldn’t Overlook

OnX Maps has a great reputation with public land hunters in the western half of the United States and they continue to build on that presence as more and more Eastern hunters employ the features and advantages provided through this innovative mobile app.  Often the most discussed and frequently utilized feature of OnX maps is that the

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Antler Restrictions: Fact and Fiction- Part 2

 This is a continuation of the APR blog series.  Read Part 1 of this blog series on the APR discussion where we discuss arguments against APR. Pro-APR Argument #1: Herd sex ratios are dangerously out-of-balance So far, if you’ve taken the time to read Part 1, you may think that this blog series is an

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Antler Restrictions: Fact and Fiction- Part 1

Antler Point Restrictions. The phrase elicits debate immediately. It seems as though emotions on both sides quickly get super charged and it leads to the kind of infighting amongst sportsmen that isn’t conducive to civilized conversation, nor to finding any middle ground. Perhaps there are plenty of ways that goals between the two camps aren’t congruent,

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Lessons From Tragedy

*Feature Image Credit: Tree Thrasher Facebook Page I met Todd Pringnitz about 4 to 5 years ago at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA.  That was when he was still involved with Wicked Tree Gear, a company he founded that made high end tree trimming saws for hunters.  Todd wouldn’t have remembered me;

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